essential oil

Cypress and Juniper Berry


Cypress teaches us how to be in the flow. It encourages flexibility, adaptability, and trust. It’s the oil of motion. I’m making a roller bottle here, using cypress and juniper berry essential oils. Roll some on the soles of your feet and behind your ears before a workout.

Rosemary Lemon Pasta


Jovial gluten free pasta is a game changer. It’s delicious…not “delicious for gluten free pasta” delicious. It is just delicious. I made some lemon & rosemary seasoning salt and combined with some olive oil to make a light sort of sauce. I have been making lots of seasoning salts with essential oils, herbs and spices. Very good, indeed.

Good Books


If you are looking for some inspiration and ideas on how to use your essential oils, I have a few book suggestions. Hello Glow and Essential Glow by Stephanie Gerber are both full of recipes and tips for making your own natural beauty products. You are going to love both of these books.

Until next time, Ava

Wild Orange Madeleines


It’s spring out and I’m really feeling it. Spring is about femininity and rebirth and I have never felt that so deeply as I do now. I decided to embrace it and go for it. To honor Spring I made these Madeleines. I found the recipe here. They are refined sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. Instead of lemon, I used a few drops of doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil.