Nature is Slow


The Artwork above is by Aleksandra Zee, my mom gave it to me. The chocolate is Valerie Confections X Edible Gardens LA. It is a dark chocolate with rose petals and it is unbelievably good, You can get it here.

Until next time, Ava

Black and the Moon


This is an activated charcoal and coconut smoothie. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins and whitens teeth plus its black….cool, huh? And it’s Halloween so I had to go there. The moon phase cards are from the Arcana of Astrology deck from Black and the Moon. It is a beautiful deck and with any good deck it’s not about the questions it answers- it’s about the questions it asks.

How to use incense charcoal

If you've never burned resin or loose incense before you should give it a try. You will need incense burning sand(or salt), charcoal discs and a heat safe plate or dish. Put some sand on your plate, place your charcoal disc on the sand and then light the charcoal. The charcoal should take a minute or two to heat up. Place resin or loose incense on top.

Moon Milk


Moon Milk is a sleep tonic, the proverbial warm glass of milk before bed. It’s comforting, it’s delicious and it’s as easy to make as a cup of tea. Making yourself a warm cup of milk is parenting yourself…. its loving yourself. This really does, no joke, help you fall asleep too.

If you want to make my blue beauty you will need: almond milk, ashwagandha, blue spirulina, honey and coconut oil. Warm the milk, whisk in the dry ingredients, stir in the honey and coconut oil.